We offers a range of services, geared at the Large Corporate, Small Business, and ‘end user’ market.

As your business grows, we continually assess your networking structure, and advise you well in advance if software or hardware upgrades are required. This will ensure the smooth running of your operation, and allow you to accurately budget for your expansion.

Data Recovery:
Compuflex has the expertise and software available for the most advanced data recovery scenarios. We are proud to enjoy a high data recovery success rate.

CCTV Surveillance:
We pride ourselves in offering the best CCTV products, accessories, and solutions in the market. With many years experience in this fast growing industry, we are well able to advise and assist our home and commercial customers on the correct products for their individual requirements. We offer quick and easy remote access setups and solutions to cater for all national and international installations.

Virus & Spyware removal:
Malicious software goes by many names: Spyware, Worms, Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Keystroke Loggers, and more. These viruses infect and slow down your computers, cause data loss, and possible data corruption. We have the in-house expertise to sort these problems out fast.

Remote Repairs:
Our engineers are well trained and versed on the software side of your File Servers. On average, 80% of the calls logged relating to a Server fault are resolved quickly via our remote login console. A mere 20% of the faults require our technician to actually visit your site.

Repairs & Call Logging:
We have a ‘Web Based’ facility whereby our Corporate SLA customers can log a call remotely into our support console. From this console, you can at any time check the status of your call, response time, and when the call was logged off. This database offers a historic log of all calls placed, keeping you, the customer, in touch with all work carried out by Compuflex on your site.

SLA Agreements:
We offer a wide range of Service Level Agreements to sustain your needs. We shall evaluate your site, and offer a maintenance plan that would best suit your requirements. We offer maintenance plans for both our IT and CCTV customers.

Internet & Business Centre:
Included in our in-house services is the availability of our Internet Cafe and Business Centre facilities. We offer a WiFi Hot Spot area for the businessman or casual user where they can browse the web, scan, print, etc.