Compuflex offers a range of Networking, Firewall, & Security solutions.

Networking is one of the most important areas in information technology. Compuflex provides consultancy for design and implementation of enterprise networks and management solutions.

IT security consultancy:
We offer IT security consultancy services, which include security policy designing, business continuity planning, security audit, vulnerability assessment, and server hardening.

Supply, installation and commissioning:
Customers are provided a one-stop solution for networking equipment supply, commissioning and ongoing service support. Compuflex covers the complete spectrum of network setup, including structured cabling, LAN set-up and WAN set-up.

Disaster Recovery:
Compuflex will implement a ‘Disaster Recovery’ solution for your specific needs. This system can run on-site or off-site depending on your networking structure.
We can backup your Workstations on a daily basis, (full recovery backup), and in the event that a full recovery is required, are able to restore your existing or new computer to full functionality within a two hour period.
Server disaster backups are also run on a daily basis, and normal recovery on a server of 150+ is normally completed within a four-hour period.

We provide, install, and customise a ‘Firewall’ protection plan for each individual customer. We build our own Linux-based Firewall units on site, ensuring these exceed your company’s requirements.
Our Firewall is a specialised software and hardware solution that prevents unwanted intrusions from the internet, and also gives you full control over what websites your users can and cannot safely access.
Its prime purpose is to prevent unauthorised outside access or hacking’ into your company’s server and ultimately your confidential data.